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Sewer Cap


If you’re paying attention, there are photo opportunities everywhere you look.

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Two of my coworkers needed head shot photos, and I had them take a photo together.

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Downtown offices at dusk


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Tree of Life


Today’s photo is deceiving because this cottonwood tree on our South Dakota farm is huge. Its shiny leaves shake and shimmer in the wind. The tree was once even bigger, and it played a large role in my childhood. You’d probably need at least two tall adults to wrap your arms around the trunk. To keep the tree healthy, 4-5 major limbs (if not more) have been trimmed over the years. It housed our bike storage shed with Huffy and Schwinn bikes, garden tools, hula hoops, Skip-It and stilts. Above the storage shed was our tree house with a ladder made from 2×4’s, and we could see the Curry Seed office and cattle yard to the north from our lookout tower. Our horse trailer was parked next to it, and we’d saddle our horses under the tree and stow afternoon snacks in our saddlebags of peanut butter sandwiches. Our first dog (that I remember, of the many, many family dogs) was buried along the fence line, and the foals born on our farm would run and kick their heels in the grassy pasture next to the tree. A tire swing hung off another branch, and as kids we’d swing so high, we’d get butterflies from the gravity rush.

I’ve seen the redwood forests, and yet this cottonwood is still impressive to me and it anchors our family farm on the Midwest plains. And in many ways, it anchors many of my childhood memories.

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PumpKin Painting


It was a perfect Saturday for pumpkin painting with my kin in Sioux Falls. The weather turned cool, and I had a crisp, short morning run at 25 degrees. My mom, sister, Grandpa Joe, cousin Abby and Aunt Diane all tried our hand at painting some pumpkin faces, while Grandma kept the coffee pot percolating and the soup simmering for our lunch break. We’re ready for Halloween decorating.

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Looking through the Pane


We had a team offsite meeting at the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, when I saw this picturesque view through the windowpane.  (Here’s a view much closer from an April post.)

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Time after time


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Have you ever noticed that fresh jalapeños are far hotter than their canned brethren? Holy jalapeño!

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Orange Fall


I detoured from my route home and stopped at the Plymouth Creek Playfield for some fall foilage photos.

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Student Union


My employer recently unveiled a new collaborative work space, called Target Plaza Commons on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. An extension of the Great Hall, there are plenty of places to meet with coworkers at the library tables or leather club chairs, or even take a break with a game of life-sized chess, bean bags, bocce ball, hoops, ping pong or foosball.

The buildings, which date to the 1920s and 1930s, were designed and reconstructed in a way that incorporates some history of the previous tenants, like an old tile mosaic from a shoe repair shop and even part of the sign from Let It Be Records. It’s pretty cool.

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