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With this cardinal, the tables are turned on bird watching. This bird loves people watching. For the past five weeks, he’s tapped on my parent’s kitchen window from sunrise to sundown every 10 minutes or so when the bird sees someone sitting in the kitchen. The cardinal repeatedly taps on the window 3-4 times on each attempt to enter the house. He’s well fed so it’s not like he’s begging for food, yet he’s undeterred. Bird brain.

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Toasty Fire

Target Plaza Commons

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. Since we’ve no place to go (on this Friday before Christmas weekend), I guess I’ll work.

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Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef apple peeler corer slicer

My friend Mai gave me a housewarming gift:  a Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer/slicer. It’s the best, and now I can easily make more of these. Pampered Chef makes pretty cool kitchen tools…so much so that I have a dedicated kitchen drawer for those things. I should probably host a kitchen show, huh?

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Front Window View

Nicollet Ave, Brit's

A view of Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis and Vincent’s and also Brit’s Pub from the window of Target Plaza Commons.

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Minnesota Christmas cookies

Frosted sugar cookies

My alter ego chef should be called The Midnight Baker. Some nights I have an extra surge of energy around 9:30 or 10pm, which was when I started making these sugar cookies for my coworkers. I may have purposely broken a few, for tasting purposes in the name of quality control, of course. Even the “rejects” passed, if I do say so myself.

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Lowe's Home Improvement store

When I bought my first home this past August, I had no idea how many trips I’d take to hardware stores–Menards, Home Depot and most notably Lowe’s. I’m there regularly enough to be an employee. It’s amazing (and impressive actually) how much work we’ve done on the house in the first four months, thanks to help from my mom, dad, uncle and aunt. Pretty soon, I can complete my “To Do” list…at least for 2012.

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Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread

Amish Friendship Bread (which isn’t really Amish) is like chain mail for your oven. A starter mix of yeast ferments and grows on your counter over 10 days. At the end, you bake a loaf  and divide the extra uncooked mix into three bags to give away to friends. Or you break the chain and bake multiple loaves. Done.

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Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan

Nerd Alert! Today was a Saturday filled with fun and games. We watched The Hobbit in 3D, ate dinner at Big Bowl and played hours of strategy board games, including Settlers of Catan.

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Providence Academy Holiday Concert

Providence Academy Holiday Concert

My cousin Mark and his friend Matthew performed at the Providence Academy high school holiday concert. It was an uplifting moment on a day of difficult news from the northeast. The music swelled to a finish with the band performing together with the concert choir, which was holding candles and encircling the audience. And we all sang along with full heart and voice–filled with the Christmas spirit of hope, peace and joy.

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Toy Shop

Macy's Minneapolis holiday display

Elves working in the toy shop at Macy’s.

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