When Joe was young, he couldn’t resist tapping the keys of the Kawai piano that sat near the kitchen of his home, so his parents enrolled him in piano lessons at six years old. Joe would continue taking lessons for the next twelve years, training in the basics of classical piano while also learning the art of improvisation. He also studied a semester of piano at the University of Minnesota to further develop his technique.

At 14 years old, Joe became a regular pianist and cantor in the music ministry at his home parish, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. It was at St. Joe’s that he learned the importance of sharing his musical gifts with others. In 1998, when Joe was a junior in high school, he became intrigued at the possibility of composing his own music and recording it. He spent time in the library and on the Internet researching the many processes and costs involved in making and selling his own recording.

Joe took a calculated risk that he could break even on his first CD and dipped into his college savings to fund the music project and open his own part-time business. He released his first original piano CD, Milestones, two weeks before his high school graduation in 1999. For graduation, Joe composed and arranged “Test Your Wings,” one of the songs from his album, which his high school choir performed at the commencement ceremony. He taught himself how to notate his own music, creating sheet music based on his album recordings to inspire others to share their musical gifts.

With the success of his first album, Joe continued composing songs between his college homework and exams, and he recorded his follow-up CD, In Focus, in 2003 after earning his marketing degree from the University of Minnesota. His piano playing style is “piano music that paints a picture (SM)” and his songs invite listeners to use their imagination and interpret the music.

In 2005, Joe released his third CD, Midnight Clear, a collection of Christmas favorites. The new CD marks a more sophisticated sound for his music with the addition of light instrumental accompaniment and some vocals.

Today, he keeps his piano playing skills sharp through daily practice and by performing at concerts, dinner parties, weddings and other events. Joe currently resides in Minneapolis with his wife and three kids.

Joe Curry Recordings Logo

About the Logo

At first glance, the logo probably looks like five treble clef signs. But actually, the logo consists of a J, a C, and an R, which stand for Joe Curry Recordings.  The R may be a bit more difficult to spot (it’s on the top). The logo was scanned directly from a doodle on my high school history notes and then retouched.