Happy New Year


It’s been really fun, though incredibly time consuming, and an intense creative challenge to take a daily photo that reflects a part of my day. One leap year. 366 days of photos. I made it!

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Wood Splitter


Another family project? Splitting the firewood, from this stack of wood, taken from this tree,   from the front yard of this house.

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Photo Studio


A fun visit to my company’s Photo Studio–lots of creative vibes here!

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Chief War Eagle

Chief War Eagle

Chief War Eagle Monument overlooks the tri-state area of Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota and offers a picturesque view of the confluence of the Sioux and Missouri rivers.

As a young man, War Eagle spent considerable time working among the white Americans. During the War of 1812, he carried messages for the U.S. government and worked among the native people to promote the cause of the United States against the British. He worked as a river guide on the upper Mississippi and also served as a messenger for the American Fur Company on the Missouri.

Two of his daughters, Dawn and Blazing Cloud, married Theophile Bruguier, a trader with the American Fur Company. They would establish the first white settlement in what would become Sioux City, Iowa.Point of South Dakota, where the Missouri River and Big Sioux River meet

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Merry Little Christmas


The day indeed was merry, festive and bright, celebrated with great food, drinks and family. Here are just a few photos.

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Family Project


A repin on Pinterest set the ball rolling for a Christmas weekend family project. After multiple trips to Lowe’s and Menards, my brother, dad, mom and I measured and sawed the pine pieces, assembled the form (with quite a few modifications), sanded the edges and tested different colored stains. After another couple days of applying wood stain and several coats of varnish, we assembled the finished desk in the office. Made in the U.S.A.

Constructed desk on 12/26/2012:

Finished desk on 12/31/2012:

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Providence Academy Holiday Concert

Providence Academy Holiday Concert

My cousin Mark and his friend Matthew performed at the Providence Academy high school holiday concert. It was an uplifting moment on a day of difficult news from the northeast. The music swelled to a finish with the band performing together with the concert choir, which was holding candles and encircling the audience. And we all sang along with full heart and voice–filled with the Christmas spirit of hope, peace and joy.

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Christmas Film Festival


One of my friends, Katie, (also a former coworker from my first job) hosts an annual tradition with her husband Mark: the Paulson Christmas Film Festival. The setup? Monday nights with dinner, drinks and a Christmas movie each week for a month. Tonight’s movie was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The menu? Tacos and stingers. So good to see Katie and Mark, friends Shandra (another PR agency alum) and Peter and meet new folks too. The result? Awesome fun.

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Guthrie Show

The Spots  - Target

A few of the Target Spots and I head to the Guthrie Theater for a holiday performance. #SparkleHollyTwinkleJingley

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Notre Dame

What though the odds be great or small,
old Notre Dame will win over all,
while her loyal sons are marching onward to victory.

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