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Stained Glass

Stained Glass

Stained glass windows, St. Olaf Catholic Church.

In other news, Target Style and celebrity stylist June Ambrose today helped me answer #whattowear on a first date with this “if preppy went rogue” look from Target. Which is nice and fun. 🙂 Except I’ve probably never gone rogue a day in my life.

Joe Curry + Target Style + June Ambrose

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Skyway Reflections

Skyway - Laurel Village

During the winter, if you don’t find anyone in Minneapolis walking the downtown sidewalks, you’ll surely find them in the skyway. Enclosed passageways connect the 2nd and 3rd floors of various office towers to hotels, banks, restaurants, and retail stores. The Minneapolis Skyway System links 69 full city blocks over eight miles, and the 84th skyway opened last December. Check out the interactive guide or find the free app for your iPhone or Android. In today’s photos, you can find skyway reflections of Laurel Village and the Basilica of St. Mary.

Skyway - Basilica of St. Mary

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University of Minnesota - suspension bridge

Tucked away on the East Bank of the University of Minnesota is a suspension bridge next to Sanford residence hall. My day started in Dinkytown and ended with the U of M Law School Musical, Alawddin, presented at the Pantages Theater and cleverly written by a fellow marching band member and Gopher football tailgater, Emily.

Folwell Hall - University of Minnesota
      Named after the first University president, Folwell Hall is the foreign languages building, though only two of 8 classes for my Spanish minor were held in this building. When I attended the U, the rooms had skeleton keys. Today, they’re fancy electronic badge scanners. Some tour guide trivia: Folwell was built with 26 chimneys, but there are zero fireplaces.

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Anchor Fish & Chips

Anchor Fish & Chips

Friday night was an exploration of Nordeast Minneapolis, a neighborhood that feels hipster, eclectic and fun. In some ways, it reminds me of Wicker Park in Chicago. (Oh Piece, I miss you.) With a good balance of restaurants and bars that have anchored the community for years, there are also new arrivals like The Anchor Fish & Chips. Or recently new (2009), if you’re fact checking my blog.

The wait time for a spot in the 36-seat restaurant? 60-90 minutes. So my friend Ben and I headed to the nearby 331 Club for drinks, where I tried a Surly Bender and Bell’s Amber Ale. It was trivia night with a fair amount of Dr. Seuss trivia in celebration of his birthdate. I’d been Dr. Seuss rhyming for work last week for Read Across America, but that didn’t help me here.

We ambled back to The Anchor, grabbed two seats at the bar counter and ordered the main feature, fish and chips, with a side of mushy peas. Mushy peas, you may ask with a wrinkled nose? I like peas (frozen, not canned) but was skeptical, too. It was more like buttered mashed potatoes, but with peas, and actually tasty. The cod fish was great, though the handcut fries did not seem exactly award-winning to me. (Then again, I have a strong bias for McDonald’s fries.) Paired with a pint of Smithwick’s, it was a satisfying meal.


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Continental Hotel

Continental Hotel

I pass the Continental Hotel every day on my walk to work, and I’ve been trying to capture the green neon in the sign but the twilight must be at just the right moment. Finally at 5:30pm Wednesday, it worked. That was going to be today’s story, but intriguingly there’s more.

Originally built as the Ogden Apartment Hotel in the early 20th century, it was designed for middle class worker housing and billed as an “apartment hotel.” The units didn’t have their own kitchens, and residents instead ate from a common restaurant in the building. It included modern conveniences such as private bathrooms, Murphy beds, and electric appliances.

The building changed its name to the Continental Hotel in 1948. Today, it offers stable, affordable apartments for 70 formerly homeless individuals, and it’s operated by Aeon, a nonprofit developer, owner and manager of affordable apartment homes in the Twin Cities.

And that is a far neater story than green neon.

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Student Union

University of Minnesota

It’s funny how the University of Minnesota Student Union feels warm and familiar, considering it was closed most of my college experience. (Coffman Union was open two months of my freshman year in 1999 before a complete interior demolition and renovation and finally reopening my final semester in 2003.)

Tonight’s alumni event was unlike any other I’ve experienced. The event? Speed dating. Surprisingly, I already knew three of the ~70 attendees. Bonus. The game? Women sat at numbered tables while the guys rotated around the room. Gametime? 2 minutes, 30 seconds for both of you to make an impression, to be witty and smart, to show drive and heart. Thirty seconds to decide whether to circle Y / N on your scorecard. From figure skaters to Spanish speakers, ag journalism reporters to actuarial scientists, child psychologists and genome biologists, there was an impressive mix of people and fun conversations.

I like asking questions; I like listening; I like telling stories. So really, this was right up my alley. You’d be surprised how much you can learn in 150 seconds. I thought it was amusing when someone told me how much she loved dining at restaurants, and I apparently stumped her by asking her favorite restaurant. To be fair, someone simply asked how old I was, and I inexplicably reported my age incorrectly before catching myself.  …This was sometime after my second glass of wine on an empty stomach and 20 completed matchups. Next week, we’ll get our scorecards and find out how we fared, that is if we got any mutual Yes’s.

Even if nothing comes from tonight, my fortune cookie after a late-night dinner at Village Wok had a positive prediction:Fortune Cookie

Good enough for me.


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