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Fast Print

Fast Print

This Fast Print sign advertises a printing services business near my apartment, though the sign itself doesn’t inspire much confidence. It looks as though it might date back to the introduction of the Xerox (which was 1959). With a Sir Speedy branch literally across the street (and its speedy looking logo), I often wonder how “Fast Print” can possibly run a swift business of customers.

At least no one uses the Ditto machine anymore. I actually remember getting those bluish-purple copies in elementary school, fresh from the machine. Anyone else?

the business across the street

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Macy's Flower Show - Brasil

The mascot of the 2012 Macy’s Flower Show is a 10-foot tall Toucan topiary, sculpted by artists at Macy’s Parade Studio. Its beak and chest are covered with several thousand Brazilian Button Flowers applied by the floral designers at Bachman’s, who also meticulously arranged thousands of magnolia leaves to simulate the bird’s plumage.

Through Sunday, April 7, check out Brasil: Gardens in Paradise at five Macy’s flagship locations nationwide: Herald Square in NYC, Center City in Philadelphia, State Street in Chicago, downtown Minneapolis and Union Square in San Francisco.

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Pillsbury A Mill

Pillsbury A Mill

The Pillsbury A Mill sits along Saint Anthony Falls on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. Completed in 1881, it once held the title of largest flour mill in the world for 40 years, though ceased operations in 2003. Due to vibrations of milling machines and poor design, in 1905 the limestone building was fortified and the top two floors were rebuilt. Concrete and rebar reinforced buttresses were poured to help stabilize the building and reinforce the rear wall, and the front of the mill still noticeably slumps in the middle. What’s in store for this historic landmark? The plan is to convert the mill into apartment space for artists.

Pillsbury "A" Mill

Grain elevator

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Haight & Ashbury

Once the center of the 1960s hippie movement, the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco still maintains its bohemian ambiance. While Bohemian is part of my heritage, visiting this area confirmed that I am not at all bohemian (with a lowercase b). Nonetheless, the ‘varietal character’ of the locals and tourists in this neighborhood is something to behold. The side streets are also lined with a colorful array of beautifully remodeled Victorian homes.

Victorian houses - San Francisco

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Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

Nothing identifies San Francisco and is more recognizable than the Golden Gate Bridge. So, I was thrilled on this trip that the towers were not covered in fog. Each tower, by the way, has approx. 600,000 rivets.

San Francisco Skyline

Point Reyes

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Blog Well

Lisa iPhone

I attended a social media conference and presented a case study on storytelling. My friend Lisa kept busy sending updates and tweets from not one, but two iPhones. Tip: If you’re attending a technology-related conference, you’ll make lots of friends if you bring a power strip.

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