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Oreos and milk are a delicious (though maybe not healthful) snack. I recently learned about the Dipr, a spoon that holds your sandwich cookie for a perfect dip into milk. I had no idea there’s a demand for this. All these years I’ve been dipping by hand!

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Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

Some teens visiting the neighborhood door-by-door left me with this book. And actually, I’ll probably read it, if only to better understand other religions of the world.

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My friends Brian and Kaitlyn’s housewarming party was a welcome break from a day of painting the ceiling. It was quite a spread. And, it also reminded me that I still have a ways to go before hosting my own housewarming party. Yikes!

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Cloudgate, The Bean, Chicago

Cloudgate, also known as The Bean, is a popular Chicago tourist attraction in Millennium Park. Inspired by liquid mercury, the structure is made of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates and stands 33 feet long. I took this photo the summer of 2006 when I lived in The Loop. Normally this plaza is swarming with people. As you can see, not many tourists at 8am on a Sunday morning!

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Notre Dame, Main Building

Notre Dame, Main Building

A beloved building on the campus of Notre Dame, the Main Building serves primarily as a headquarters for administration, although it still contains classrooms, harking back to a time when students learned, ate meals, and resided there. It was built in 1879 and the Golden Dome was added in 1882, most recently regilded in 2005 (right before I attended MBA school). The regilding process uses only about a fist-full of gold leaf to cover the entire structure. On top of the Dome is a 19-foot-tall, 4,000-pound statue of Mary, the Mother of God, “Notre Dame” (“Our Lady”).

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By late afternoon some days, I need a recharge. Sometimes it’s a stop at Caribou.

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Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank

Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank

The former Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank, built in 1942, is now a Westin hotel. According to Wikipedia, the bank’s boardroom on the 10th floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows, is now a conference room. The original bankt vault on the lower level is also a conference room, while the former safety deposit vault is now a wine vault and the entire bank has been made in to a restaurant, called B.A.N.K. The restaurant kept as much of the original woodworking as possible. Former offices now serve as private dining rooms and the teller counter now serves as a bar. On my list of places to visit? Yes, you can bank on it.

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Viking shoes


This joins the other shoe post from this year.

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Minne is our Minneapolis lake monster, resting in Wirth Lake.

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