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Little Giant

Little Giant ladder

I went all over town searching for the Little Giant ladder. Finally, I found it, and it’s the only ladder I’ll ever need.

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Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds

Most people carve pumpkins in October, though my painted pumpkins lasted as decorations for two months. On December 1st, I finally decided I should finish them off before I finished putting up the Christmas tree.

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Minneapolis Grain Exchange

Minneapolis Grain Exchange

No wheat, no barley, no corn nor oats, the only thing being traded today on the floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange is creative ideas.

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Christmas at Capella Tower

Capella Tower Christmas tree

Christmas tree in the lobby of Capella Tower.

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Bow Wow


Learned how to create my own bows = savings!

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O Christmas Tree

Christmas tree, light painting

I installed a 9-foot tall Christmas tree and had some fun ‘light painting’ with my camera. Way cooler than if I could have planned it.

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Deck the Halls

Target Hall

Deck the Halls (or Target’s Great Hall, as it were.) Other photos of the room this year can be found here and here.

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South Dakota rest stop tipi

A tipi-like structure marks every rest area in South Dakota. This particular rest area is on I-29 at the Vermillion exit, and this may have been my second stop here (ever) because it’s only 8 miles from home. (The first being a geocaching adventure.)

South Dakota rest stop teepee tipi
South Dakota rest stop tipi
south dakota rest stop teepee


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Notre Dame

What though the odds be great or small,
old Notre Dame will win over all,
while her loyal sons are marching onward to victory.

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Belinda & Friar Rico

Stana and Joe

It’s always great to reconnect with old friends. It’s been many, many years since Friar Rico and Belinda graced the Elk Point-Jefferson High School stage in the Worst High School Play in the World. No, really. That was the name of the play. The narrating characters ate throughout the entire play and with each scene, they gained another layer of fat suit. I hadn’t seen Stana or her husband Mitch for two years since my visit to northeast Tennessee, and we told stories and laughed like it was 1996. Of course, Facebook updates serve to help people stay connected, but they will never replace a real conversation.

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