In Focus CD Review: GrapeVine magazine
Reviewed by Bill Hayes

Joe Curry has recently put out his latest recording of original, instrumental piano music entitled In Focus, in which the music and titles reflect specific moods, or as his CD label expresses it, “piano music that paints a picture.” This style of composition, which is formally called a programmatic tone poem, was used in the late 19th century and early 20th century by such composers as Liszt, Strauss and Debussy. Joe has taken this concept and, using a contemporary styling, has offered a reflection for each instrumental piece in which you can use to further add your own reflections and ultimately lead to your own personal passions.

He is technically accomplished and makes use of a variety of melodies, harmonies and meters in this album of 14 compositions. It is very reflective, instrumentally expressing the beauty of God’s creation in a subtle, quiet manner. Many Christian albums, being vocally based, will boldly proclaim the gospel. Joe has taken a different approach and allows the listener to participate in the reflection to shape their own direction. In his only vocal song of the album, “Three Shadows”, Joe continues his artful expression of the Trinity in a discerning manner.

For those seeking a quiet, reflective album, In Focus will prove to be a welcome addition to their collection.