In Focus CD Review:
Reviewed by Kathy Parsons

“In Focus” is the second release by pianist/composer Joe Curry. Still in his early 20’s, Curry’s recording and composing career is off to a very promising start. Curry started taking piano lessons at the age of six, and continued to study music into college. His compositions are well-structured and accessible, and his motto is “piano music that paints a picture.”

The fourteen tracks include thirteen piano solos and one piece that features Curry on vocals as well as piano. The mood of the album is consistently warm and optimistic, creating a cozy backdrop for daydreaming, reading, or concentrated listening. A church musician, some of the tracks have a hymn-like quality.

Highlights include “Magic Beauty,” an ode to nature that celebrates wind chimes in a gentle breeze and floating butterflies. Warm and soothing with a lovely flow, this piece evokes visions of a spring morning when everything feels new. “Eyes of a Stranger” has a mysterious air about it, making it a little darker than the other pieces. “Letter to a Friend” is full of the warmth and joy felt when communicating to someone close. “Gentle Rain” is just like its title, delicate and refreshing. “Trail Ride” is a happy surprise – more of a boogie or blues piece that is full of fun. I’d like to hear more of this! “Seeds of Promise” closes the CD with optimism and a sense of moving ahead. I look forward to seeing and hearing what Curry does next.