Midnight Clear CD Review: JazzReview.com
Reviewed by Keith Hannaleck

With the holiday season already upon us, the flurry of new CDs is already beginning to hit the shelves. As fall settles in and frost is on the pumpkin, a beautiful and joyous time of the year awaits our enjoyment with those we hold dearest to our hearts. We have an opportunity to blow the dust off all of our seasonal favorites in our music collections, and if we are fortunate, have the opportunity to hear something new and refreshing. This adds more spice and variety to our lives and enhances our holiday experiences.

Joe Curry is one of those talented young men that you need an introduction to this year. He plays 14 traditional holiday tunes on his latest effort Midnight Clear. Curry is a very fluid and tasteful piano player that takes classical and jazz elements and turns each track into an expression of artistic beauty. The ambiance is clearly spiritual while carrying a relaxing and comforting vibe throughout the run of the CD.

Twelve of the tracks are instrumental and three feature Curry’s vocals. His music is excellent and his strong sense of musicality would allow any vocal style to enhance it, it is that powerful and effective.

It is a difficult task with each passing year to be impressed with the same songs. I think Mr. Curry saved me from any ritualistic boredom by playing his heart out giving me something to cheer about this year. An entirely new audience has yet to discover his piano journeys into Christmas.  I imagine he would sound awesome in a church at a Christmas Eve mass. Put another log on the fire, grab some hot toddies, and warm up to Midnight Clear this year, you will be glad you did.