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Skyline Glow


When you’re working in an office all day, the opportunities for photo taking are slim. So, I was excited to see the skyline glow on this night as I walked through the parking ramp.

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It was another day for colleague portraits. Pretty soon, I should just setup weekly office hours for people to get new headshots. The brick wall of our office’s student union served particularly well today for a backdrop. I even got my photo taken!


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New York Minute


I’d love to say that taking this photo only took a New York Minute. But, mirror + window + self-portrait = fairly difficult (like 30 minutes). At least it was easier than my birthday photo. And this photo.

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50 Years


After 13 months at Target working on a project that involves reporting about events, I actually attended my first Target event in New York City. Target celebrated 50 years with partners and friends in a Chelsea warehouse. And I finally met Bullseye!

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Fort Snelling National Cemetery


I was 30 minutes ahead of schedule on my drive to the airport, so I detoured to Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Administered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the site comprises 436 acres and remains the final resting place for over 180,000 service men and women.

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Basilica of the Sacred Heart


This year, we got to the church in time and snagged some seats at one of my favorite churches, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame, Ind.


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Game Day


It was a super soggy Saturday in South Bend, but that didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm  to see Notre Dame (fortunately) win against Stanford in overtime.

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Notre Dame Reunion


Every year since we graduated from MBA school in 2007, some friends and I have met each fall for a Notre Dame football game. 2012 was no different. We flew in and drove from many parts: Chicago,  Nashville, Minneapolis, Vermont, Connecticut, and Washington State to South Bend–a place we once called home. And for a three-day weekend (now with six kids along), we kicked leaves around campus, gathered at Bond Hall for the marching band, joined the crowd in the stadium bleachers, reminisced old tales, and shared our latest adventures.

One of the great things about Notre Dame is the geographic diversity of people I met in grad school. The downside? All those close friends have moved back to cities far and wide, and we only see each other all together once a year. But we make the time count. And, I can always count on our time being a blast!

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Yellow Fall


A sister photo to Orange Fall.

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