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My employer recently unveiled a new collaborative work space, called Target Plaza Commons on Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. An extension of the Great Hall, there are plenty of places to meet with coworkers at the library tables or leather club chairs, or even take a break with a game of life-sized chess, bean bags, bocce ball, hoops, ping pong or foosball.

The buildings, which date to the 1920s and 1930s, were designed and reconstructed in a way that incorporates some history of the previous tenants, like an old tile mosaic from a shoe repair shop and even part of the sign from Let It Be Records. It’s pretty cool.

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Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank

Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank

The former Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank, built in 1942, is now a Westin hotel. According to Wikipedia, the bank’s boardroom on the 10th floor, with floor-to-ceiling windows, is now a conference room. The original bankt vault on the lower level is also a conference room, while the former safety deposit vault is now a wine vault and the entire bank has been made in to a restaurant, called B.A.N.K. The restaurant kept as much of the original woodworking as possible. Former offices now serve as private dining rooms and the teller counter now serves as a bar. On my list of places to visit? Yes, you can bank on it.

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Minne is our Minneapolis lake monster, resting in Wirth Lake.

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State Theatre

State Theatre, Minneapolis   365.264

I walk by the State Theatre in Minneapolis now twice every day in the maze of skyway corridors from the parking ramp to my office. Lately, there’s been more dark than daylight by the time I leave at night, though it allowed me to take this photo.

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Pride of Minnesota


Joining the Pride of Minnesota marching band in 1999 was one of the best decisions I made after, of course, deciding to attend the University of Minnesota. It’s hard to count how many times I’ve played The Minnesota Rouser on saxophone or harmonized in song to the alma mater Hail! Minnesota. Or of course, the chant we’d shout out while circling the Metrodome: “Eat raw, eat ’em. Eat raw, eat ’em. Eat raw, eat up the guts, spit out the bones, march on.” [listen here]

And you thought the marching band was nice.

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Stone Arch by Day


A couple months ago, I discovered a ‘secret’ stairway next to the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. Walking down 75 steps or so, you’re rewarded with a serene view from the banks of the Mississippi. (See a rooftop view from the Mill City Museum and a view at night.)

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Peter’s Grill

Peter's Grill

Peter’s Grill has been a Minneapolis institution since it opened in 1914 with homemade food, large portions, and affordable meals. Don’t forget to grab a slice of green apple pie!

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Window Art


Street window graphics on the Target HQ building: vintage 60’s Target ads with modern images of models and today’s fashion.

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Capella Tower


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If there’s one office that could use some innovation (or at least some inspiration!), it’s the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles. It’s not a joyful place in any county I’ve lived in. After waiting two hours, I was none too pleased to learn that you can schedule appointments in Hennepin County (Minneapolis) in 20 minute timeframes and get bumped to the front of the line. What, seriously?!  (PSA: here’s the link, which I just shared with a coworker, so I’m paying it forward.)

One, there is always a form for everything and there’s always a line. Two, they had no pens that worked, so I used my own green pen. After waiting 90 minutes, the DMV informed me that green pens were unacceptable and I’d need to re-do the forms. I threw them a look so fierce, I almost startled myself. Yes, I can use black ink and no, I won’t be sitting down again.

Before I left, I snapped a photo of Minneapolis City Hall, with a copper roof that’s now acquired its characteristic green patina There’s at least one bright spot in every day though, and sometimes you can even taste it. I was pleasantly surprised to find a housewarming gift on my front doorstep: Minnesota cookies made by my friend (and now suburban neighbor) Pauline, which she noted are decorated with and without the lakes.

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