Pin it to Win it

One of the things I find most fascinating in my digital job is to watch the Diffusion of Innovations theory in action. Particularly when there’s an initial barrier to participation, whether it be beta testing, cost, exclusivity (invite only) or other reasons, which then make that flashy object more intriguing and desirable. When a new social media concept emerges, there’s a sense of discovery and excitement as well as curiosity. Then, it reaches a tipping point when the phase of early adopters transitions to early majority and soon you and all your friends are signing up for something new. Because who wants to be left out of the party? Right?

Such is my experience with Pinterest, an online pin board where you can organize and share the things you love. You pin. Your friends pin. And your homepage is filled with curios that your friends, both real and Internet-introduced, have tagged. In a way, Pinterest reminds me of antique shopping…you never know what you might find on each visit.

Once you’ve got the concept, Pinterest is super simple. But is the idea “sticky?” What’s the motivation to return? Lots of great ideas are pinned on the site, but do people actually do something with them or just admire them? Or is it really about the intent to someday try them? Last week, I felt good about pinning the recipe for the decadent Caramel deLights/Samoas cookies. In reality, it sounds way easier to wait for the Girls Scouts to deliver a $5 box to my front door. By all means though if you’re bored, check out my boards. And call me when you bake some Samoas.

I’m game to keep exploring Pinterest, but I can’t waste any time. Gotta Pin it to Win it!