Sopa was on the minds of many today, as evidenced by the Internet blackout of popular websites in response to SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and the discussion storms throughout the Net. If you never noticed, then I guess you didn’t have 37 Wikipedia searches that wouldn’t work.

Sopa was on many Minnesotan minds, as evidenced by the empty shelves of saltine crackers. The bitter cold is back. So, I made chicken wild rice soup. Not homemade by definition, but homemade enough (add-in ingredients) that it still makes you feel good.

About 10 years ago in Spain, sopa was on my mind then, too. I asked a store clerk where I could buy some sopa, and I proceeded to explain in charades by lathering myself up with sopa, washing my chest, arms, and hair. The clerk gave me a puzzled stare. Trying to figure out where I’d gone wrong, I slowly realized that I’d just demonstrated bathing with soup. Oops.*

* For the record, soap = jabón in Spanish. Beginner’s mistake!