Blue Chicago

A busy “life after 5” today. First on the agenda was a brown bag apple pie and a Green Line pale ale at P.J. Clarke’s with a social media benchmarking friend. Simply delicious on both counts. Then, I had a cajun dinner at Heaven on Seven with two fellow McDonald’s alumni. Lastly, as I was hunting for my daily photo on Michigan Avenue at 9pm, I literally ran into some connections in front of the Wrigley building and they were headed to a blues show. Hard to believe, but I’d never seen a blues show in Chicago! We ended up at cozy club, Blue Chicago, and there was a lively crowd of mixed ages to cheer on Shirley Johnson. Surprisingly I even knew several songs. We stayed until 12:30am and then decided to order Rosati’s pizza at a late-night spot one block away. Full night, for certain.