One Bullseye Year


Today was my one year anniversary at Target, and I celebrated with dinner at McDonald’s. #truestory

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Staging is an important step for homeowners putting their house on the market so that potential buyers get the best impression. I’m obviously not selling my apartment, but instead was thinking about staging and how new renters might perceive my unit. Full disclosure: my apartment looked this clean probably fewer than 10 times. And ironically, one of those times is the night before I’m moving out.

P.S. Why yes, my Christmas tree (poinsettia) has been out since December. Maybe I can finally have a respectable Christmas tree in my house…stay tuned on that one. On a related note, I’m already getting some TV upgrades!


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Tonight, I fully appreciated how much KILZ painting my mom and uncle did for me last week. It’s not all that exciting. That is, until I ended up on top of the refrigerator and decided it could be a fun photo. I set up my trusty tripod with a 10-second delay, scrambled up the ladder (out of the frame) and leaped into position with my paint roller and posed for a continuous shutter of 10 pictures at a time.

I don’t know who was more difficult to work with: the photographer or the model. An experienced photographer can set up the shot right away. Well…  I probably shouldn’t admit to how many times I climbed that ladder to pose for the camera. It was at least 10 times, and I say “at least” because quite frankly, that’s when I stopped counting. By the time I got the shot I wanted, I hardly even needed a ladder. I practically high jumped into position, like a cat being chased up a tree.

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Six days left of downtown living. Six paint roller covers. Six and a half rooms still to paint.

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Open door, Alicante, Spain

I sometimes reflect on life as though it was divided in chapters: moments of achievement, courage, personal growth, professional development, taking (calculated) risks, seizing opportunities and pursuing hobbies, as well as the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve kept along the way.

Life is a series of choices–some big, though many small–that we make every day. When a door of opportunity appears, do you readily open it, or pause to consider it, or even pass it by, hopeful that another door will appear at a more opportune time?

Almost exactly a year ago, my 4.5 year Chicago chapter ended and what an incredible journey it was. A door opened for a new career opportunity in a city I love. After living in downtown Minneapolis for the past year, another door has opened (quite literally) to home ownership in the suburbs. I look forward to seeing what this next chapter brings.

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My mom and uncle Jeff are helping me paint my newly purchased home. And by helping, I mean they are painting all day while I’m at the office. (And, I’m super grateful!)  I’m learning there are a lot of steps before you can press a paint roller to the wall: filling in holes from nails and molly bolts, sanding rough edges, taping woodwork and any edges where you don’t want paint (oh wow), sometimes adding a primer layer of Kilz, testing paint colors before committing to one, edging and finally painting the walls with two coats. This house is going to get quite a transformation.

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Open Up Your Eyes


And the time has come to realize,
And see the plan you’ve been designed for.
So face the fear of all unknown,
And see the heart inside,
So open up your eyes.
So open up your eyes.
– From Jeremy Camp’s song Open Up Your Eyes

Photos from one of my favorite cities, Toledo, Spain.

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King Midas’ Bike

King Midas gold bike

A bike dipped in gold mysteriously parked in front of my building all week.

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Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, London

Given much of the news lately is on the 2012 London Olympic Games, I figured it was a good time to share photos from London, which I had the opportunity to visit last year. Some former colleagues and I walked around Westminster Abbey, among other touristy things, and there was lots of energy in the air, since Prince William and Kate’s wedding would be held the following month.

Westminster Abbey

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U.S.S. Minnesota


U.S.S. Minneapolis
Learn more here.

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