Light Fixture

Light fixture

Today was a busy day for home improvements: cutting the front tree limbs into firewood; learning how to operator a lawn tractor; seeding the lawn; painting the sub-basement; and upgrading some light fixtures. Let me just say that I’m glad I’m not an electrician by profession.

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Scepter of Queen Frostine


I pass this railing in the Retek on the Mall building twice a day. Today, I finally recognized what’s so familiar about it … it’s the scepter from Queen Frostine’s card in the original Candyland board game! (Though not as tasty as this Candyland.)

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Today, I participated in an annual fall ritual enjoyed endured by many homeowners. Yes, I’m talking about raking. After several neighbors had already cleaned their lawns with what I assume were vacuums, I was guilted into raking so the new kid on the block didn’t give a bad impression. On the plus side, I was pleasantly surprised by my Clog Free Rake.

As you can see, the electric company left me with a “half tree” in August after their aggressive trimming. While it’s hard to tell from the photo, I had 8.5 thirty-gallon compacted bags full of leaves, mostly from the front yard. I can assure you that this half-tree didn’t produce that quantity of leaves, so at this time, I’d like to thank Mother Nature for taking a dump on my lawn.

In fact, leaves weren’t the only thing I found on my front lawn. As I was scooping up leaves with my hands and pouring them into the leaf bags, I came across a treasure in the rough. And by treasure, I mean turd. Thanks neighbors.

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Aqua Green Begone


This photo isn’t going to win any awards, though neither was the paint color in this room. Aqua green begone!

NOTE: I’ve been taking daily photos, but am backlogged about 25 days! So watch for a slew of posts this week.

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PumpKin Painting


It was a perfect Saturday for pumpkin painting with my kin in Sioux Falls. The weather turned cool, and I had a crisp, short morning run at 25 degrees. My mom, sister, Grandpa Joe, cousin Abby and Aunt Diane all tried our hand at painting some pumpkin faces, while Grandma kept the coffee pot percolating and the soup simmering for our lunch break. We’re ready for Halloween decorating.

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Time after time


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Book of Mormon

The Book of Mormon

Some teens visiting the neighborhood door-by-door left me with this book. And actually, I’ll probably read it, if only to better understand other religions of the world.

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By late afternoon some days, I need a recharge. Sometimes it’s a stop at Caribou.

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Viking shoes


This joins the other shoe post from this year.

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Makeover: ND Bathroom


Mini makeover: From a purple bathroom transformed into a Notre Dame bathroom. (Minus the artwork, which I’m getting printed.)


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