All things spring anew. And this year, that’s been earlier than ever.

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Red-winged Blackbird

Loring Park, Minneapolis

I sat in Loring Park for about 10 minutes, trying to capture my daily photo, when this red-winged blackbird flew into view with a song in its heart.

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Macy's Flower Show - Brasil

The mascot of the 2012 Macy’s Flower Show is a 10-foot tall Toucan topiary, sculpted by artists at Macy’s Parade Studio. Its beak and chest are covered with several thousand Brazilian Button Flowers applied by the floral designers at Bachman’s, who also meticulously arranged thousands of magnolia leaves to simulate the bird’s plumage.

Through Sunday, April 7, check out Brasil: Gardens in Paradise at five Macy’s flagship locations nationwide: Herald Square in NYC, Center City in Philadelphia, State Street in Chicago, downtown Minneapolis and Union Square in San Francisco.

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Golden Gate

Golden Gate Bridge

Nothing identifies San Francisco and is more recognizable than the Golden Gate Bridge. So, I was thrilled on this trip that the towers were not covered in fog. Each tower, by the way, has approx. 600,000 rivets.

San Francisco Skyline

Point Reyes

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This winter has been unlike any other winter I can remember. I was braced for a bone chilling bout this year after living at a lower latitude the past six years. Instead, it’s been a pleasant surprise. Today’s image is from a photowalk last spring at McDonald’s (HQ campus not your local restaurant). It felt like spring this morning, and hostas were on my mind. I was tempted to shout out “Hosta” la Vista, winter. But I know better.

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No Dice


I was hoping to photograph something sunny or yellow today, but no dice. Winter is finally here. Tonight, my friends and I celebrated the Chinese New Year with Thai food and Farkle. Thai because the Chinese restaurants we like are closed for the holiday, and who doesn’t love a good curry? (Not what I ate, but it sounded poetic.) You might think that Chinese checkers would be a more authentic game to play, but you’d be wrong. That game was created in Germany.

No sun today, but I’ve got sunflowers. I chatted with my Alaskan friend tonight, and I’d taken this photo during my visit last summer at Fairbanks’ Pioneer Park (formerly known as Alaskaland). Right now, -25 degrees is warm there. However bad the Midwest winter is, I know not to play the winter weather game with my friend Casey; after all, she always wins.

Sunflower - Alaska

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Papaya 2

Stepping under the canopy of palm fronds, I quickly traded the crisp cold for humid air and growing things. The $2 suggested donation was a fair exchange for a 20 minute escape within the Como Park Conservatory in St. Paul. (If you’re in Chicago, another one worth visiting is the Garfield Park Conservatory.)

I noted the textures and colors of mid-morning light, as leaves swept past my arms and palm branches brushed my hair. I weaved around the source of things found in my spice rack like black pepper vines, cinnamon bark and allspice, as well as banana plants and barren fig trees. Then, I caught the spidery-looking stems and nine-lobed leaves of a papaya tree, and that’s how today’s photos came to be.

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