Today, I participated in an annual fall ritual enjoyed endured by many homeowners. Yes, I’m talking about raking. After several neighbors had already cleaned their lawns with what I assume were vacuums, I was guilted into raking so the new kid on the block didn’t give a bad impression. On the plus side, I was pleasantly surprised by my Clog Free Rake.

As you can see, the electric company left me with a “half tree” in August after their aggressive trimming. While it’s hard to tell from the photo, I had 8.5 thirty-gallon compacted bags full of leaves, mostly from the front yard. I can assure you that this half-tree didn’t produce that quantity of leaves, so at this time, I’d like to thank Mother Nature for taking a dump on my lawn.

In fact, leaves weren’t the only thing I found on my front lawn. As I was scooping up leaves with my hands and pouring them into the leaf bags, I came across a treasure in the rough. And by treasure, I mean turd. Thanks neighbors.